Finally, we are very pleased to announce that our shipment with this year’s harvest of Olive Oil (EVOO) has just arrived, and it is available for purchase.

As in prior years, the flavor is outstanding with a rich, smooth, and gentle fruity taste with the aroma and color of fresh, green, raw olives. Enjoy this year's Harvest of superb quality Kontoulis Family Extra Virgin Olive Oil!






Olive Oil  -  250 ml

This is the smallest bottle we offer, but contains the big flavor of our Kontoulis Family Olive Oil. This is the ideal gift; simple, healthy, and a necessity for any chef!





Olive Oil  -  500 ml

This 500 ml bottle holds our delicious oil in a simple yet charming glass bottle. Our oil comes from one estate ensuring a pure, fresh olive juice. This is an all occasion gift that makes every dish superior!






Olive Oil  -  1 liter

This 1 liter bottle is essential for every olive oil lover! Olive oil can be used in almost every meal; use it for your salad, pasta, bread, and meats. It is also used as a moisturizer that will bring a healthy glow to your skin!







Kalamata Olives  -  16 oz

Experience an authentic and traditional Mediterranean meal with our Kalamata Olives. These succulent, black, naturally tree-ripened olives are bursting with rich flavor and can liven up any salad!








Olive Puree (Olive Spread)  -  7.5 oz

Try our new Olive Puree, perfect for spicing up any appetizer with its rich, smooth flavor. This all-natural spread is made from our very own Kalamata olives and has the same great flavor as our olive oil!






Choose from six flavors,



Balsamic Vinegar  -  250 ml

Enhance every meal with this deliciously aged balsamic vinegar! It complements our first-rate extra-virgin olive oil beautifully. This vinegar has a rich flavor that is sweet, smooth, and zesty. Use it to make a salad dressing, marinate your favorite meats and veggies, or even use it as a dessert topping! (Here’s a secret: It goes great with strawberries!)




Shipping Available ONLY within the U.S. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)

For shipping info on larger orders, Email: kontoulisfamily@gmail.com