1.jpg Happy Family! Athanasios, Christina, Demetra, and Demetrios.


2.jpg Our olives are being washed at the local olive mill in the village of Strefi.


3.jpg  Demetra and George examining olives at the nearby temple site of Ancient Messini.


4.jpg Washed olives separated from twigs and leaves being sent into the crushing chamber


5.jpg Athanasios and Demetra standing next to a full tree weighed down with olives.


6.jpg Washed olives separated from twigs and leaves being sent into the crushing chamber


7.jpg The nets on the ground are to catch the olives that are harvested from the trees.


8.jpg Athanasios and Nikitas trimming and harvesting!


9.jpg All of our trees are naturally grown for a natural taste!


10.jpg Burlap sacks of olives ready to be cleaned and pressed within 24-48 hours of harvest.


11.jpg Teamwork! Cut full braches are placed through the mechanical comb to get the olives off and into the sack


12.jpg Thousands of olives are released from the sacks.


13.jpg View to the north from a 4 year old grove!


14.jpg Athanasios standing proud with the younger trees.


15.jpg View of nearby mountains from our grove


16.jpg Mature olive trees basking in the sun.


17.jpg Close up!


18.jpg A perfect bunch of olives waiting to be squeezed


19.jpg State of the art, German pressing machinery! at the Strefi olive mill


20.jpg Demetra, named for the ancient Greek goddess of the harvest. What a view!!!


21.jpg The natural beauty of Messinia!


22.jpg A wise, old tree dripping with olives.


23.jpg Cyprus trees beyond the olive grove


24.jpg George amongst the olives!


25.jpg Seven different blending chambers working simultaneous on separate harvests.